Don’t Be Afraid To Change Who You Are

Do not be so scared of changing who you are. The things you love. The things you hate. It can be freeing choosing to no longer halter your own growth. Choosing to willingly accept the reality that some may no longer recognize the person you have grown into. Understanding that this is not a negative thing. This is part of the human journey. And perhaps through this journey, we were always meant to be introduced to ourselves more than just once in a lifetime.

Because what if finding yourself was never really about searching for the person you were yesterday, or the person you currently are today? What if it’s about searching for the person you have the potential to become? A version of yourself you haven’t met just yet. And this is why it can be so difficult to find yourself. And more importantly, to recognize yourself in a world of billions. Perhaps it is because you are looking for someone who does not exist just yet. A person who has more to learn. A person who has more to experience. A person who has more to understand. A person who is in the midst of developing.

You see, maybe you aren’t asking too much from yourself. Maybe, for the first time ever, you are asking too little from yourself. Assuming that right now, the person you are today, the goals you have accomplished, the life you have lived, is the absolute best you can achieve and experience. I hope you know it is possible to learn new habits and unlearn old ones. To discover new passions and cover-up old obsessions. To lose control in one aspect of your life and gain control in another.

But above all else, I hope you know it is possible to accidentally detour off an old path towards a new one and discover the old one was never meant for you anyways. To discover that it was always meant for someone else. And what a beautiful thing, to know that maybe, just maybe, you gave way for something beautiful to form for a stranger. And perhaps there is a stranger out there, right now, detouring off an old path onto a new path too, giving way for something beautiful to form for you. Giving way for you to be introduced to a new version of yourself. A version you may haven’t met yet, but one day will grow into. A version you will one day be thrilled to welcome.

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Astrid is a twenty-something madness who likes to write short stories that are, kind of like her, barely there. Her soul is happiest when she is reading, or being around people who lift up her spirits.

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