10 Things To Always Remember, No Matter Where You’re At In Your Life

1. The past can’t be changed. With that being said, the future can be. Stay true to yourself and be thankful for all of the moments that shaped who you are today. You should be proud of the person you’re becoming!

2. Opinions don’t define you. While it’s important to value the opinions of the people you love and care about, never allow them to define and take control of the life you want to create for yourself. Your own opinion is the only one that truly matters at the end of the day.

3. Your smile is contagious. Being happy is contagious. Other people will feel your energy and not only want to be around you more, but will also take responsibility for their own happiness as well. Smile more and often because it has been scientifically proven to make you feel happier in doing so!

4. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Some of the greatest breakthroughs I’ve ever had came at the expense of allowing myself to be as open and as vulnerable as possible. When we remove our mask that we wear in front of others and in society, we get to see a person’s true colors and pave the way for deeper, more fulfilling connections with others.

5. It’s okay to let go. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that no longer serve you or of people that no longer bring you happiness. This is your life to live and there is nothing wrong with growing and shedding old parts of yourself that no longer bring you the happiness that you deserve.

6. If you focus on the hurt you will continue to suffer. However, if you focus on the things you have to be grateful for and what you’ve learned from the experience, you will continue to grow. Life was never meant to be a straight line — it was meant to be jagged, challenging, and a learning experience as you navigate through it.

7. Say yes more often. As an introvert myself, I can tell you I feel my best being alone with my thoughts and ideas, walking my dog, hanging out with small groups and family. But at the very same time, some of the best experiences I’ve ever had were because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, tried something new, and allowed myself to say “yes” more often to things that come my way.

8. Time heals all wounds. While it may leave a scar behind, you’ll look back at that moment and find a new meaning for the wound. It may hurt for a while, but eventually you will start feeling better again as the darkness of the night always leads to the light of a new day and a new reality.

9. The best things in life are free. While you can buy things that make you happy temporarily, the best things in life that you will always look back on will be free.

10. Everyone’s journey is different. I spent a lot of time trying to please others on my own unique journey. Although I still struggle with my “people-pleasing mentality,” I’ve also realized that what’s most important is living in a way that is authentic and true to who I really am. Trust the path that you’re on and know that the current chapter of life that you’re writing may look very different from someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

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Astrid is a twenty-something madness who likes to write short stories that are, kind of like her, barely there. Her soul is happiest when she is reading, or being around people who lift up her spirits.

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