Stay Grateful For Your Chaos

The world darkened; blurring my vision, leaving me to fall without rescue. It seemed that there was no escape from the painful instability that constantly haunted my spirit. But beyond my inner turmoil lie a glimmer of salvation: the gleaming power of gratitude.

The world overwhelmed my mind; threatening to tear me apart in its wake, but that could never extinguish its intrinsic beauty: fragrant blooms of indigo and gold, the glowing warmth of love and friendship, the sheer delight of the wind singing through sparse tree branches as deep coral leaves skitter across the sidewalk.

Suddenly, I found myself awash in a symphony of hope. It quelled the tides of unrest and unease that barreled through my mind, threatening to drown me. The world regained its vibrant color; my heart beat airly as it enveloped itself in an abundance of blessings. The warmth of eternal gratitude opened my heart to the mundane riches that had previously remained intangible.

Your world may feel as though it has left you blinded, dizzied, and gagged; grasping for release as it threatens to swallow you. But amid the freneticism that suffocates you, never forget the power of lifting your heart in thanksgiving; the joy in the celebrating the very woes that vow to break you.

Stay grateful for your chaos.

Stay grateful for the winds that blow against you. They howl in your ears; screeching as they press against your body, threatening to knock you down. But within every struggle that threatens to break you lies an opportunity to discover your destiny; to set aside what’s not meant to be.

Stay grateful for your heart’s relentless ache. It penetrates through you as you pine for healing; wondering if you will ever weather the storms that brew within you. But ensconced in every heartbreak, every delicate crack, is the power to rediscover warmth and light, to and stride out stronger as the rains fall behind you.

Stay grateful for the fears that haunt you. They constrict your soul; tugging against you with reckless abandon. But concealed in every worry that attempts to consume you is a glimmer of knowledge that you will soon find solace; an undying reprieve from today’s transient anxieties.

Stay grateful for your chaos; the moments that seem to swallow you as the world vows to sink you. Once you discover the potential that can arise out of your darkest moments, the winds will blow towards you, the pain of heartaches dissipate, and the fears that haunt you will begin to fall away; leaving you nothing but the eternal joys of life’s constant beauty.

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Astrid is a twenty-something madness who likes to write short stories that are, kind of like her, barely there. Her soul is happiest when she is reading, or being around people who lift up her spirits.

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